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Zelená firma

Zelená firmaThe fact that our company has joined a project "Green Company", allows to our employees an environmentally friendly way to get rid of small retired electrical appliances and batteries, thereby distinctly expands its activities in the sphere of environmental protection.

The purpose of the project "Green Company" is an environmental protection and effective recycling of the old electrical appliances. They contain many dangerous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, brominated fire retardants and others, but also a large amount of recycable and reusable materials.
Employees may put the retired home electrical appliances to a box, which is located at the main entrance of the company's area.
By involving to the project "Green Company" our company proves its environmental thinking, both towards its employees and to the public. This is another step towards our long-term goal - to reduce the environmental burden. We also offer to our employees benefits in a form of possibility to recycle small home electrical waste.
The project was initiated by the company Rema System a.s., which ensures organization of collecting, sorting, recycling and handling with electrical waste in the whole Czech Republic.

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Zelená firma

Zelená firma

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